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The REM ACOG for the US military M150 RCO / Trijicon ACOG TA 31 will be out by the end of this year 2022.

It is made of a rugged Glass Filled Polymer just like the pistol grips of the AR15.

It fixes some of the deficiencies that are inherent with this optic.
In low light (twilight) or night situations when the Reticle is hard to see, just turn on the REM ACOG and it illuminates the Reticle to your preference. The Rheostat has 11 light settings. The low #1 setting is best for twilight or night situations (no more taping a glow stick to the fiber optic) while the high #11 setting is great for when you are in a dark area looking out into bright sunlight.
The other problem the REM ACOG fixes is the Reticle bloom that occurs in bright daylight. The REM ACOG covers just over half of the Fiber Optic (reducing the light input) so in bright daylight you can see the Reticle more clearly without burning out you eyeballs. (No more putting hurricane tape over the Fiber Optic)
The REM ACOG is designed so the Trijicon TA91 Tennebrex Killflash Anti-Reflection Device can still be installed.

The REM ACOG also eliminates the need to replace a dead Tritium. Just turn on the REM to the #1 setting and you can clearly see the Reticle.

Projected Retail price is $49.95

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