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When I first got my PS90 I really liked the stock set up. It looked the best and fit me perfectly. Although I was not completly discussted with white ring sight I was'nt completly sastified with it either. My options were to #1 buy a top rail (of which I have for sale in the WTS section. Nice plug) and a after market sight. This could be costly and it would make the sight way to high for my liking. I have a friend with a tri-rail and c-more and I was not to fond of that set up either. Option #2 was to get a USSG sight and again that would be very costly.
Then came my savior in M1P90 aka Cris Roenker and his REM2. To put it simple this baby works. And works in every condition out there. I was really impressed with the way it works at night. In total darkness you have to give your night vision a little while befor you can see the night sights. Turn this on 1 or 2 setting and you can see it instantly. For any one who uses a mounted flash light knows that when you turn on the light you wash out the sight completly. But turn this on 11 or 10 and your back up and running. With settings from 1 to 11 this baby will work in bright sunlight to total darkness.
This has been the best addition to my PS90 that I could have made. Thanks again M1P90 for a great product. :? :? :?
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