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I just received a Legislative Update from a Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy.

I am posting it here because we all need to be aware of these kinds of partisan games being played in our own State Legislatures by the same hypocrites who scream for bi-partisanship when things do not go their way.

Relevant sections have been highlighted, but do yourself a favor and read it all.

Dear Monsterdog,

The severe, nationwide propane shortage continues to stifle Coloradans’ access to propane. Earlier this week, I wrote a letter to Governor Hickenlooper urging him to declare a state of emergency, which would provide relief to those struggling to heat their homes in these frigid temperatures. Many propane transporters who normally supply propane to Colorado are being diverted elsewhere in order to help with other states’ shortages, causing the price of propane in Colorado to skyrocket.

As more propane transportation options become available, we should see prices come down. But in the meantime, it is imperative that the Governor’s office do everything it can to help those who need it get propane. The scarcity of propane combined with subzero temperatures is a grave danger to many Coloradans.

Next week, I’ll be making another attempt to help Coloradans retain their access to affordable health insurance in spite of Obamacare’s barriers. One of my bills, Senate Bill 14-111, will be heard in committee on Monday, the 10th. Similarly to SB14-040, this bill would allow Coloradans to purchase health insurance plans offered in other states; if any insurance company in the country is able to overcome the barriers of Obamacare and offer an affordable plan, SB14-111 would allow you to purchase that plan.

Even though SB14-111 has been assigned to the same committee that killed SB14-040, I believe that if enough Coloradans voice their opinions about this issue, the Democrats may realize that they must either listen to their constituents or face angry voters in November. Please call your senator and urge them to support this bill or, if you’re able, come down to the capitol and testify. SB14-111 will need all the help it can get, as it has been assigned to the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee, a.k.a. the kill committee.

The senate Democrats continue to use this committee to scrap Republican bills. After hours of testimony on Monday, Senate Bill 14-094, which would have repealed the background check requirements for private gun transfers passed last year, was shot down. Similarly, the committee killed SB14-113, a bill that would have prohibited an employer from requiring its employees to join a labor union.

These bills dealt with issues that affect the welfare of all Coloradans and deserved a fair hearing. But, as has become par-for-the-course, the Democrats chose to hide from debate and listen to their liege lords in New York and Washington, D.C. rather than to the citizens of Colroado. If I learned anything from the recalls, it’s that Coloradans are not fond of legislators who refuse to listen to their constituents. I’m looking forward to November.

Senator Greg Brophy
Here is an earlier Legislative Update from Greg Brophy, which explains more about this kill committee and how it is used improperly:

Dear Monsterdog,

As was the case last year, the Democrats have been using the legislative process to play partisan political games. Last week, I told you about one of my bills, Senate Bill 14-069, also known as the Swift Justice Act. This bill would have limited the appeals process in death penalty cases to three years, greatly speeding up the implementation of the death penalty. The Senate Judiciary Committee heard the bill yesterday and rejected it on a party-line vote. It’s become clear that the senate Democrats have little interest in compromise. We’re going to have to fight as hard as we did last year.

The battle for our Second Amendment rights continues. Senate Bill 14-094, sponsored by the newly sworn-in Senator Rivera, would repeal the background check requirements for private gun transfers passed last year. It will be heard by the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee (the “kill committee”) on Monday, February 3 at 1:30p.m. The Democrats are hoping to kill this bill quietly, and I urge you to contact your legislators and ask them to support the bill. If you are able, please consider coming down to the capitol to testify in favor of the bill.

[rest of update removed, not relevant]
Here is a list of those on the committee (details from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colorado_Senate ):

Senator Jessie Ulibarri - Colorado Senate District 21

Jessie Ulibarri is an American social justice activist and politician from Colorado. A Democrat, Ulibarri serves in the Colorado Senate representing District 21 in Adams County.
Senator Matt Jones - Colorado Senate District 17

Matt Jones is an American politician from Colorado. A Democrat, he is a member of the Colorado Senate, serving since January 2013.
Senator Irene Aguilar - Assistant Majority Leader - Colorado Senate District 32

Irene Aguilar (born April 5, 1960) is a Democratic member of the Colorado Senate, representing the 32nd District since 2011. Her district encompasses the city of Denver, Colorado.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Aguilar completed her undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis. She received a medical degree from University of Chicago- Pritzker School of Medicine.
The last two members are Republicans:

Senator Ted Harvey - Colorado Senate District 30
Senator Bernie Herpin - Colorado Senate District 11

Pot, kettle, partisan.
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