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P90/PS90 White Ring Sight Fix

The price is $39.95 shipped.

For all of you that want a usable Sight and don’t want to spend $400.00 to $600.00 to replace the White Ring Sight - THIS IS YOUR ANSWER!

The Reticule Enhancement Module T Bar 3 (REM T3) fixes the problem that is inherent in the White Ghost Ring Sight of the P90/PS90 Weapons System. We all know in certain low light conditions or when aiming at bright or light colored backgrounds, the Ring Sight looses its sight picture. When that happens just turn on the REM T3 and you will get a sharp T bar sight picture.

The REM T3 Illuminates the T bar of the Ring Sight via a RED colored LED that sits in the rear light collector well. The LED housing is made of a hard plastic that is sized to create a tight friction fit. There is no need to use tape or glue. Just push it down into the light collector well and it stays put. The LED housing was designed to sit low in the well so it will not interfere with the FOV.

The REM T3 has 11 illumination settings so the T bar can be seen outdoors in daylight on its brightest setting (even against snow or white backgrounds) or in total darkness on its lowest setting. The REM T3 does not interfere with the Tritium illumination of the Ring Sight.

The REM T3 fits in the sling well just under the Ring Sight. It is ambidextrous so it can be mounted on the left or right side of the rifle.

The REM T3 uses one CR2032 3 volt battery (included.) The battery life is 106 hours of continuous use.

The REM T3 has a 1 YEAR Warranty. I will replace it if it fails due to a manufacturing problem. (I will have to examine it first to make sure there wasn't some other factor that caused the failure). You just pay for the shipping ($5.00). If after 1 year a manufacturing problem should occur... contact me and I will see what I can do for you.

The REM T3 comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with it, please send it back to me and I will give you a full refund (minus shipping costs.)

The price is $39.95 shipped.

I take checks, Money Orders or I can do Pay Pal. My Pay Pal acct. is [email protected]net

Or go to M1BullPup | Peace Through Strength to pay buy Visa, Mastercard, or Discover

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REM T3 Instruction Manual

Thank you for purchasing this upgrade to your PS90 Ring Sight. The REM T3 was designed to maximize your shooting pleasure by fixing the deficiencies of the Ring Sight.

Auto part

1) Place side A (Rheostat Housing) on one side of the Sling Well and side B on the other side. Tighten the mounting screws until both sides are secure. Use the Allen wrench that is supplied for this procedure. (DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN to prevent damage to the screw pins on side A.) You can use BLUE thread locker if you like but it is not necessary.
2) Look inside the well area to make sure the area is free of excess glue. If you have glue protrusions cut them out with an exacto knife/razor blade.
3) Press the LED housing ( C ) all the way down into the rear light collector well. It will be a very tight friction fit. (No need to use tape or glue)

Diagram Line Parallel

You can now turn on and use the REM T3.

To remove the LED housing from the Ring Sight, use a flathead screwdriver to pry the housing up and out of the light collection well.

Diagram Line Slope Parallel

•Do NOT bend the LED box where the wire goes into the top, it may break it because of the stainless steel support wire.
•Do NOT pull the wiring up from the body. That may break it also.

NOTE: The REM T3 does not interfere with the Tritium Bar so in total darkness you can still rely on that as a light source if desired.

NOTE: You may notice a little light leakage out the top of the glass that is in front of the LED housing. You may place a strip of black vinyl tape over this area if you chose, to eliminate the small light leakage there. This use is optional and most users find it unnecessary.

NOTE: When using the REM T3 in total darkness, with no tactical lights in use, you may notice a slight glow on the front light collector within short distances (less than 10 feet.) This does not interfere with use of the REM T3. You can place a small piece of vinyl tape to cover the front light collector for these conditions. The use is optional and most users find it unnecessary. If you choose to use tape, place the tape on the side of the Ring Sight for easy accessibility.

Battery Replacement
Hold the “numbered part” of the Rheostat so it doesn’t turn. Turn the outside Rheostat battery cover counter clockwise to remove cover. The REM T3 uses one Lithium 3volt CR2032 battery. This package contains ONE spare battery for your convenience.

This Product is warranted against original defects in material and/or manufacturing for one year. This warranty is void if the unit has been abused, disassembled, or modified/tampered with in any way from its original configuration.

This warranty does not apply to defects caused by normal wear and tear, improper handling, incorrect installation, accidents, and alterations/modifications to the original configuration, repairs made by unauthorized parties, aftermarket accessories, or abnormal use.

Contact Us
We hope you find the REM T3 to be a great enhancement. We invite your comments. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact us at 978-852-8584 or [email protected].


1) Insert the LED Housing into the Light Collection Well at a 45 degree angle. Make sure the top of the Housing is lined up with the top of the glass.
2) Press down the other side of the Housing so it wedges between the Ring Sight walls.

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This looks *good*! :? Even though I'm using the TROS/Aimpoint setup I just might have to pick up one of these to put back w/my white reticle ringsights!
PS- Does LED color selection affect battery life? Which color would be considered the best "all-around"? Red would be conventional wisdom but the human eye is more sensitive to green?

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Normal view of the White Ring Sight in low light
Room Technology Electronic device Darkness Night

REM T3 turned on to setting 1 (Red LED)
Light Room Fireplace Lighting Heat

I'll try and do a battery test this week and post the results. :?

Edited 5 days later ( Sat. 6/7/08 )

Here is what is happening so far. Very unexpected results.

Edited 16 days later ( Wednesday 06/18/08 )

REM T3 Battery test results.

The Red color lasted 220 hours of continuous use.


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Ship is correct. The Black sight has no light collectors so the T3 will not work on it.

Here is an update on the REM T3. We are close to having the LED housing finished. The company that was initally contracted to make it had their machine crash so we had to find another company to make it. That is what is holding up the release of the T3. It should be another week or two befor we get the new housing and then we can build the units.
As you can see in the pictures above the new Main Bodies are finished and they came out fantastic. They are smoother and blacker then the REM 2 bodies.

Hang in there everyone! We are very close to getting that assembly line going! :eek: :?

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Here is an update from Monolith Arms

We just got the first Rem T3 completed. We will be ramping up production over the next week. So a few units will start trickling out to Chris this coming week, with more to follow. Thanks guys for your patience! Chris and I wanted to get these perfect before putting them out. So were sorry it took so long, but they are worth the extra wait!

Below there is information on the NEW units.
There are several major improvements that I will walk you through in the following photos.

NEW Finished T3

Notice the single LED, with it's new angle that is 5x's brighter than before. Also the LED itself has to be cut and shaped to fit to create the ulta low profile.

NEW Finishes T3 vs. Rem2
We spent a ton of time and money to get the best finish we could. You might agree it was money and time well spent!
You will also notice that the screw holes on the first REM2 we machined in. However on the T3 we used a EDM sinker to get an PERFECT hole placement and .002 fit.

NEW Low Profile Wiring and LED Box
We completely redesigned the LED box to sit as low as possible in the Ring Sight.
Now it does NOT interfear in anyway with your FOV. The wire is completely out of the way.
The REM2 on the LEFT and T3 on the right.
(Notice the curved bottom edges of the T3, This makes it easier to push the LED housing into place)

The BIGGEST upgrade made, was now the T3 is DAYLIGHT friendly!
The photo below is taken on a painted white concrete wall, in direct sunlight. The best part is that it is NOT even on all the way.

The above photo was taken in the dark on level ONE!
This thing is bright!!!

Thanks Guys!
Monolith Arms

Great job Brian!!!:applause:
(I added a couple lines to your post.)

For the people who have ordered this (as early as May 3rd)... thank you for your patiences!!! Once you get these and try them out you will jump for joy!! Your Ring Sight will be fixed and usable in all light conditions!!! :cool:

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:) Production of the REM T3 has now begun!!!! :shock:
I just sent out 16 units on Tuesday 8/06/08. These baby's really came out great!
I have 25 more back-orders to fill so it should be about 2 more weeks befor any are available for sale.

I posted new pics in the main advertisement. Check 'em out! :?
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