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I made it to the range today and thought I would share my results with you guys. First I thought I would show off some pictures of my new favorite toy and show how it is set up. The wife has me on a tight budget so I will break down what I paid for the accessories I put on my rifle and provide a range report as configured.

The Gun - FNAR Light Barrel

The Bipod - Shooter's Ridge Rock Mount Pivot Bi-Pod Swivel
I wanted a Harris but the Gander Mountain I was at did not have them so I picked this one up for $45.99. It turns out that when they rang me up the cashier said it was $97.98. I told her I was going to put it back as it was marked at $45.99. She told me not to worry about it and rang it up for the $45.99. Apparently the ones that pivot are about $40 more, which I didn't know. The bi-pod seems to work really well and is very sturdy. It also mounted perfectly to my gun and allowed me to attach a sling to it as well.

The Sling
I purchased the sling from Walmart for $16.99. The hooks attached right to my gun with no problems and offers plenty of adjustment. Not bad for a nylon sling. The bi-pod had an eye that made it easy to attach it.

The Scope - Nikon Prostaff 50mm with BDC 3 x9 power
I picked the scope up at Walmart as well. The glass seems bright and clear and I already have a Prostaff 40mm on my Remington 700 25-06. It is a decent scope for the $199 that I paid for it. I purchased the rings at Walmart as well. I was surprised to see the Weaver rings for $9.97. They are double rings and attached right to the rail with no problems at all. The rings I purchased were labeled 1" Extra High and has a couple of screws on the side for a quick release. The scope being 50mm barely cleared the end of the rail. It was a tight fit as you can see in the pictures but it worked out really well. I followed the instructions when mounting it and when measured it was 4" inches from my eye to lens. When I have my cheek to the stock and look through the scope I have a clear field of view and it doesn't require me to move my head around to see a full picture.

In this picture you can see the release screws on the side I was speaking of. They aren't the fancy quick release ones but for the money I can't complain.

Here is another picture of the gun at a different angle.

This picture shows the bi-pod and how the sling is attached. It also shows how the scope sits really nicely right on top of the rail.

Now for the range report...

This was my second outting with the rifle. The first trip was a horrible one as the wind was blowing 30 - 40 MPH and the temp was 35 degrees. That trip basically allowed me to complete a a quick functionallity test on the rifle which turned out excellent. My uncle and I both purchased one of these rifles and between the two of us we shot around 50 rounds a piece. No failures were reported of any type, It also allowed me to get the scope on paper at 25 yards.

Today the weather was a bit nicer and allowed us to zero our scopes at 100 yards.

The Weather
The wind was 5 -10 MPH and blowing from the 4:00 o'clock position.
The temperature was 45 degrees and skies were overcast

The Ammunition
Brass - Lake City Military
Primers - CCI #200 Large Rifle Primers
Powder - 44 grains of Hodgdon Varget
Bullets - Speer 168 Grain .308 Boat Tail Hollow Point "Gold Match"

Distance & Set Up
We were set up at 100 yards. I got to put my new Nikon Prostaff 550 range finder to use and it worked great. We had a folding table set up and some chairs for a bench rest. My uncle has a ranch so he had us an old round bail of hay to shoot at and I had printed some targets off the internet. Not bad for free and there were tons to choose from. If you want to find them just google "shooting targets" and print away. We had a piece of plywood and stapled the targets to the wood and leaned it against the hay. I extended my bi-pod and got a comfortable rest and shooting position. The only problem is I forgot to purchase some sand bags. I ended up using my jacket which was better than noting and proceeded to shoot and zero. I ended up shooting 25 of the 60 rounds I loaded up last night.

It took me a few rounds to get my scope pretty close and the rifle produced the following 3 shot group. This was my best group after I got into to swing of things.

In the picture below you can see the dime covers those 3 shots. I am amazed at the accuracy of this rifle!

Unfortunately we had to wrap things up early as my uncle had gotten a call that some of his cows were out. I am excited that I was able to go from zeroing my scope to shooting this type of group within 25 rounds. We plan to do some more shooting soon and I will provide more data as more range "ranch" time comes. I am extremely satisfied with this rifle so far. :D

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Nice write up! During our brief January thaw last week, I got my rifle out to the range for the first time also. I have a Bushnell Yardage Pro 4-12x42 scope mounted with a Harris bipod and was easily shooting 3/4" to 1" groups at 103 yards (according to the handy dandy integrated rangefinder). Sorry, no pics but I had one group that was 3/8" and that was with Magtech ammo. I'm not much of a marksman but if a honyocker like me can get that kind of accuracy with this rifle, I hate to think what someone who has the skills and knowhow can put together. I'm extremely pleased with the FNAR. Now if CMMG would just fill my backorder for some extra mags!
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