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kR Fifteen

The Fifteen household was taking in a little biathalon over the weekend. After all it’s the most firearm-friendly event in the Winter Olympics. And these athletes are pretty amazing- try sprinting out to your 100yd target and back (during a ceasefire, obviously) and see how your offhand or even prone groups look. This promo video shows some elements of the sport but watching the actual competition is better- I can’t find a clip from the sprints we watched last weekend so this will have to do

Its interesting to see how the biathletes handle their marksmanship. Here are the tactics you can observe in the Olympic coverage- and remember that they are firing under significant physical stress:

  • Biathletes attach an arm cuff to their sling on the firing range for extra stability
  • Support hand wrapped into top of sling
  • Breath control- distinctive breath in before every trigger press
  • Once initiated, consistent trigger press until shot breaks
  • Mental focus is the doorway to relaxing the body
It’s a good view of techniques to incorporate into your own training – especially if you want to be at your best under serious stress.

Rifle accuracy tips gleaned from biathalon | kR-15: resources for firearms enthusiaists
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