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I have lots of guns. I am a collector and I shoot regularly.

I've shot all kinds of stuff from SMGs to Lahti 20mm anti tank rifles.

I have to say that the 300 rounds I ran through this PS90 today after taking it out of the box were some of the most fun in a very long time.

Yes, 300 rounds in what was only going to be a quick function check range session. I couldn't stop shooting it.

This thing shoots great! Really tight groups even at high rates of fire, recoil practically not noticeable.

Zero malfunctions in 300 rounds in 3 different magazines.

The little brass catcher bag is a must have, it works great.

I love the up close feeling of the little carbine. I was afraid the LOP was not going to work well for me but it's really the best weapon ergonomically that I've ever fired.

The black reticle is really nice, I shot indoors and outside today.

I had never even seen one of these in person before I opened the box. I bought it on blind faith and a recommendation from a friend.

I'm sure glad I did. Well, off to the loading bench. I can't afford to keep it otherwise.

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Hey TexasRifleman,

Where did you get your brass catcher from? I have been looking around but haven't seen or missed them. Planning on reloading myself and that catcher seems easier then crawling around on the floor after shooting.

I had some of the same feeling after shooting mine for the first time. The PS90 is so easy to handle.
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