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RMR Mount question?

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Hello and Merry Christmas.

Does any one make (or do you have an idea) a RMR mount that replaces the entire dovetail sight ( to give a lower profile) and not just a plate that replaces the upper portion of the target sight?

I would use a 1911 style but it would be too far forward I believe.

Thanks in advance.
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There is one. Search is your friend.
Search is a poor friend in that case, considering I have been searching for a week before creating this post. Thank you for the lesson in search foo lol

Merry Christmas! That may be the one I go with and appreciate the link very much! There is a thread here I posted in where the guy is making a limited run of the low profile ones, I had hoped to hear back but it was an old thread. Thanks again
Fivesevenreddot.com only makes the one that replaces the sight blade and not the entire rear site like the OP asked.
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Lol, I already posted in that one. I do appreciate it though.
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