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I see a mount for the USP, do you know if that will work with the HK 45 tactical?
Give Mark a call or email and ask the RMR you want milled - if you want your slide milled - Mark has done this on HK/M&P/Glock/Springfield you name it ... and you don't have to be stuck w/just a trijicon ;)

Also ask - and you may want to look at maybe doing his Atom mount - slide will be milled - but you have a option to change base plates and mount whatever RMR - even a Aimpoint Micro

I also suggested the use of a mount for the dove-tail if you want to sell the weapon later on - HK and their dove-tail even across the USP is same - same ... but you can run into say like a tactical that came w/a BoMar
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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