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Got a chance to shoot a Ruger P89 this past weekend. I did shoot a borrowed Ruger P85 in 1996 in order to qualify for my CHL permit. I did okay w/ it at the time. But, I never bought one because I didn't really like that sharp magazine release buttom.

Well, this weekend, I put a few mags thru a black P89. I'd been tempted to buy one over the years, because I figured it would be a cheap "beater" gun - a gun I wouldn't care too much about if it got beat up.

Anyway, I'm glad I never bought one. It took me a few shots to get used to it - the rear sight blade doesn't have a very wide notch. So, it was eacy to shoot a little to the side. With some concentration, I got over that. But, I really, really did not like that rear sight. The notch was probably about 1/2 the size of the rear notch on my P99 rear sight.

I'll admit that the SA pull on the gun wasn't too bad. Not really crisp, but not bad either. I didn't try shooting with the DA trigger, but I thought the SA trigger was better than the one on a Beretta 92FS I used to have.

Anyway, this experience kinda cured me of wanting a Ruger for a beater gun. Not for me...
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