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We have a wealth of knowledge on this forum, so it seems silly not use it to help each other out. Why not learn from them rather than making your own mistakes.

1.) No solicitating business, unless you are a sponsor.
2.) Nothing Illegal shall be discussed
3.) If you don't know the answer, let somebody else answer. Stay on "FRICKIN" Topic, This isn't a freestyle thread. I will delete you post whores and ban you from this section
4.) Keep it civil!! If you disagree, state why and be nice I will dish out Negs, Time outs and Bans.
5.) No slanderous or liable statements.
6.) If you give an answer, please provide proof( a link to back it up).

**Do your own research and don't blindly take their word as "gospel" They may not be exactly correct for your situation and FNfoum.net takes no responsibility for erroneous information.

How it Works:
Ask a detailed question :
Get a no "BS" Answer/s:
Q= What do you think of X retailer? A=That retailer has a lot of complaints you might try XX instead.
Q= What is the threading on an HK USP tactical 45acp? A= 16x1 LH
Q= Where can I find a flux capcitor for my Scar 17? A= I think our sponsor x carries them but if not try Midwayusa.

Just about any LEGAL topic, If in doubt ask a MODERATOR!!
1.) Guns and non-gun related questions.
2.) Parts questions(barrel twists, what springs, Best Scope rings...) Where to get those "Hard to find Parts"
3.) Tips and Tricks of the trade
4.) Good Doctor, Car Dealer, Mechanic... in your Area,
You get the gist :?

FNForum is not liable for incorrect information. Do your own research to verify the answer.
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