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S.E.A.L. Lower Range Report with Videos

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The S.E.A.L. Lower delivers on all of its promises and then some.

Mine runs so flawlessly even a child can run it like a boss!

This particular range does not allow rapid fire or double taps so we were limited to the shot spacing rules that prevented any demonstration of running it hard which I have no doubt it it will also perform flawlessly if called upon.
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You may notice in this video that Fidel Castro loves it too and is particularly fond of my Stryker swag Jim was so nice to include as promised to those who pre-ordered.

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Where is this outdoor range?

I'm all FOR your idea to get some of us together @ The Georgia Gun Club
This is the range we went to, my first time there:


It is out in the country, alomost in Aladamnbama. It's small but great folks running it and a really good place to take kids. 10 meter pistol on the left, then 25 yards rifle and shotgun. Then if you satisfy the the range master with your 25 yard accuracy you can move to the 50 yard rifle and shotgun line. And if you satisfy the rang master with your 50 yard shot placement you can move to the far right and shoot the 100 yard range there. $6 per hour per shooter. I think it's $40 per year for a membership where you shoot for $3 per hour and your immediate family members and a 15% discount on items they sell in the store.

The outdoor range we usually go to is Creekside:

Creekside Firing Range - Home

Creekside also has a no rapid fire, no double tap rule and requires 3 seconds pause between rifle shots. It is $20 to shoot all day per shooter there. An annual membership is $175 per individual or $250 for a family and shooting is free after that. They have a 25 yard pistol range I think and 50 and 100 yards for rifles except I think Wednesday is members only and the 500 yard rifle range is open. The 500 yard range shoots through the 100 and 50 yard range so those are closed when they are running the 500 yard line.

Georgia has several WMA's (wildlife management areas) with completely unsupervised shooting ranges. The rules vary at each one but they are like $15 to park, bring all your own targets and stuff I have been told. I have never been to one because they say many idiots shoot at those and on a crowded day you will be swept several time by other people's muzzles and stuff like that. There are no shooting rules that I know of and it is said people run slamfires and full auto there. I would never take a child to one of those or go to one alone or even with only one or two others. I would prefer to wear some body armor as well, Murphy's law you know. But if a dozen or so of us Georgia boys went to shoot at a WMA, I would say we could probably persuade others there to follow basic range safety rules at least while we are there and have them outnumbered. It is the one place I know of that those who would want to thrash a little on their Scars could go to do that.

The Georgia Gun Club indoor 100 yard rifle range is still the best indoor range in Georgia by far. No rapid fire, but they do rent a Barret .50 and often it is a group of people who rent it and take turns popping off 3 or 4 rounds each so that it isn't a lot of money per person. And it is Air Conditioned!

So I'm in in a North Georgia Scar Owners GTG pretty much anywhere, even on private land if someone arranges it. I need to plan about a month ahead to make sure I can get off work.

But several Scars, even a couple of dozen would make for an awesome video for those not camera shy! FN Scar Power!
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Looks like Fidel had a great time!

Awesome of you to get out there and get after it, Mityno1!

I'm an Anti-Communist and I don't like any dictator.

With that said I have to give old Fidel his props for holding out long enough to see the end in sight where he has won his war over the US of A.

How did Fidel do it?

Simple, he did what works.

Wanna know what else works?

The FN Scar 17,


and the Stryker S.E.A.L. lower.

The .308 trifecta!
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