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Saker 7.62+brake attachment question

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Trust just got a Saker 7.62 and the three port brake attachement. haven't mounted the brake to a rifle but just in initial fiddling it appears that the suppressor won't fit all the way over the brake. It's like the diameter of the brake is too large. I have read the manual and made sure the three teeth on the rear can attachement are rotated as far as possible out of the way but it's like they don't retract fully.

For any of you who have this setup, does the can slip without resistance over the brake or do you have to push against spring tension or something?

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Thanks guys. This definitely seems to be the issue, as you point out. I'll check it out.

Also can anyone confirm that the MAAD mount for the 3-chamber brake is the same as the one for the trifecta flash hider? I assume they would be since they mount the same but wanted to confirm before I bought a bunch of brakes/flash hiders. :)
One more question: for the SCAR, has anyone directly threaded the Trifecta FH or brake onto the SCAR using the shims and had success? I've read here that the SCAR doesn't necessarily guarantee a 90-degree shoulder on the threads. Any tips? is checking bore concentricity as simple as finding some .300 brass stock and running it down the bore/brake/can?
They are the same.
Thanks. You rule.
Yes using the SilencerCo shims you can time it on the SCAR barrel. However since you are using a flash hider I would just put it directly on and without shims and avoid the headache.
Thanks. For the SCAR I plan to use a brake, actually, and FH for bolt guns.

One more annoying question for you... will the 5.56 brake fit properly with the 7.62 SAKER? I assume so. I want to run the 7.62 can on my SCAR 16 and maybe some ARs.

If so, LMK if you have the 5.56 brakes in stock and the best way to order so you get credit for the sale/commission/whatever. :)
Thanks man. I hope you someday get the credit you deserve. :D
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Yes, I took some pictures of it with my Saker 762 on my Scar 17 here: http://fnforum.net/forums/sbr-suppr...17-suppressor-concentricity-measurements.html
Awesome post and info. thanks!

When you are torquing muzzle attachements onto the barrel, do you just mount the upper in a vise? Or do you remove barrel and mount it in a vise, or another method?
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