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I want to start into the SBR and Silencer game. I talked to my local shop and they have me confused big time. I wanna build the whole gun upper and lower, IS that Possible?? They say they need the serial #, well if I order the components to get the serial # for the SBR could I get in trouble?? Any help would be appreciated. I would like to start with the SBR because its not as $$$.
Quick and dirty on the process:

1. Form your trust.
2. Decide on and purchase the lower you plan to use for the SBR.
3. Use trust to efile for a tax stamp for your SBR, with the # on your lower.
4. Assemble all your parts MINUS/NOT INCLUDING/WITHOUT your barrel.
5. Wait.
6. Agonize.
7. Visit NFA Tracker at least 18 times a day.
8. Wait.
9. When you get your stamp, purchase your barrel and assemble.
10. Have fun.
11. Realize you are fixing to go deeply in to debt because one stamp only leads to 7 more.....
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