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SBR in North Carolina

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I have thinking of converting my PS-90 to SBR, but I am not sure that I can in North Carolina based on state law. Has anyone done so, and if so what did you list as reason for making the weapon?
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Removed old post to replace with new information:

In the state of North Carolina the ONLY way to get your hands on any NFA Class III items is via transfer to Trust or Corporation. Due to Mike Easley passing a state law saying only sheriffs in NC could sign the Form 1s and then bullying them all with the fact that if anything stupid happened it would be their fault and they would be held accountable. While not ALL of the sheriffs are afraid of this mine, Forsyth County, is.

Though if you live near Asheville you have a chance... the sherrif there walks around with a G18 on his hip and is a little more.. relaxed.
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