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I'm new to the forum and a new satisfied PS90 owner.
Picked up a standard new for $950

I want to do something about the barrel. Not a lot of info on the 5.7 out there so I want to hear from you guys...
the PS90 is next up after the scorpion for HD and I want to know a few things.

1) which ammo do you guys use for HD
2) what's the difference in velocity of I put a 10.5" barrel on it, does it affect penetration significantly
3) does a suppressor help increase velocity
4) should I get a rimfire or 556 can (which brand/model)

I would like like to avoid paying an extra $400. And if I get a run fire I have absolutely no interest in other rimfire firearms so won't be too upset about it being dedicated to one gun.

also unrelated what optics are you guys using?
I'm looking into a Cmore sight
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