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Hi Forum,

I just got back from the range. Was trying out my good old Scar .223 along with the new family member -> a G36C*

I've sighted both guns at 100m with some cheap 55gr Steel cases Barnaul.

Here in Europe, if you're talking about SBR's, the SCAR, G36C and HK416 are probably the ones that you will encounter the most - at least on the LE and military side. I am lucky enough to own 2/3 namely the 36C and the SCAR (416 is a work in progress).

The two guns look quite different on the outside, but in reality have more in common that meets the eye.

Let's start with the operating system. Both use a short stroke gas piston, itself derived from the AR18. HK and FN took different approach though. Having done a lot of shooting and a looot of cleaning, I sort of like the HK better. The reason is that the piston itself is divided in 2 parts. The piston plus a little mini-rod with a spring around it that then impacts with the bolt carrier. The HK system is a) more user friendly, b) easier to clean.

ad a) + b) to remove the piston, you do not need to fully disassemble the rifle. You can just take out a pin from the front handguard and then remove the piston assembly. Since with piston guns the only real part that gets dirty is the latter, this mechanism makes things really easy. On the SCAR on the other hand, removing the piston is a little more tricky. You do not need special tools to remove the piston - but it sure is more difficult compared to the HK.

On the bright side, the SCAR has an adjustable gas regulator, which the G36 lacks. I did no yet try the HK with the suppressor, as the right muzzle device is still on order. Heard that the 36C is self regulating, still need to check on that.

The Bolt carrier is nearly 1:1 identical. the FN is longer of course, and has the ability to be configured for lefties whereas the HK is not that long, and can be adjusted for lefties as well.

The trigger groups are different, due to the different conception of the gun. On the SCAR, the trigger module is nested into the lower receiver. On the HK, there isn't really any lower receiver. Once you remove the 2 take down pins, the only thing that slides off is the pistol grip with the trigger module. You can therefore easily swap different trigger modules according to how much fun you want to have/allowed to have. Me i'm stuck with the 0-1 mode :( A cool approach that I have not encountered on any other gun.

The Upper receivers are slightly different as well. On the SCAR, you can swap barrels à discretion, which is a def. plus. on the HK, it is something you can do at armorers level only I believe. the SCAR also packs a neverending top rail, the HK not really. It does have a full length pic. rail, but the height above bore is not to be underestimated. It looks really bad, and without a cheek rest (which I have mounted on the stock) it probably is.

While shooting both platforms feel similar. The HK seems more compact though - The stock is less flimsy. The SCAR's trigger is better though (and that says a lot). It has a shorter run, and feels more crisp. The HK is very plasticky on the other hand, with a long run and long reset.

Overall both guns are really cool. the G36C feels more aggressive, but the SCAR is more nuanced. I also do not quite like the HK magazines: I absolutely dig the fact that they're transparent, but their size and geometry feels awkward. Fitting those in a plate carrier is a challenge, because they have some protrusions around the area where the gun has the mag well. Not really a big deal since I'll likely never use them in a war scenario..

Working on a video review with all the details, below a little trailer ;-) hope you enjoy it!

*My G36C actually a hybrid. I've used the from barrel assembly from a real G36C and placed it on an HK243 platform.

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I have both an SBR Scar, and a Post Sample G36C...

Shooting them side by side you can definitely feel the G36C is the "older brother" in the sense that everything is a bit clunkier...
-Even with the low rail and a flush mount the T1 sits higher.
-The charging handle is harder to get to.
-There is a lot less rail space.
-While "self-regulating" it's not as nice suppressed. Recoil is stiffer.
-Mags suck. I have been using the Magpul G36 mags, definitely an upgrade.
-I have also added the H&K paddle type mag release and extended bolt catch, which both go a long way to making the rifle quicker during reloads than the standard G36.

Having not shot a Scar on FA, I can speak of it, but I can definitely say one of the positives for the G36C is how controllable it is doing bursts: Nice, lazy 700~750RPM

I also own a 10" 416. And you can see where HK took what they leaned with the G36 platform and applied it to the AR platfrom. The 416 is a much more polished firearm and on par with the Scar. Now they have the 416A5 coming out, with further enhancements like an adjustable gas block.
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