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Scar 17 Ammo HELP??!!??

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Im pretty new to reloading and the scar 17. Ive been hand loading my shells using what I think is top end equipment. Starrett Calipers, SHO Laboratory scales(formally Gempro scale), forrest precision dies...One at a time low and slow! I use lapua brass CCI primers IMR 8208 XBR and Hornady A Max bullets in the following receipt.
Lapua Brass
CCI 200 Primer
42.500 Grains of XBR
168 grn Hornady A max
2.000 trim
2.8005 COAL

Here is the issue Im having. I expect a gas gun to "beat up" the brass some, but Im getting some what I would describe as a deep knife line around the top of the brass right where the bullet exits and Im assuming this is from the extractor??!!??
The main issue is fired brass will NOT cycle through my sizing/decapping dye. It literally jams everytime. Here are the "New" case neck measurements vs "fired" case measurements:
New: 2.000-case .3345 OD on the very end .3025 ID at same point .2905 from tip to beginning of shoulder.4745 from tip to the end of the shoulder
Fired: 2.001-Case .3445 OD on the very end .3145 ID at same point .295 from tip to beginning of shoulder .4625 from tip to the end of the shoulder

Also the sharp edge on the trailing end of the extractor is what i "Think" is the culprit for damaging my brass as I used a black sharpie to color a shell so I could see the drag points. Can you slightly round over that trailing edge to create more of a "cupping" action than a sharp abrupt edge that it bangs against. Im sure there are plenty of Scar GODS on here that can help me out with their superior knowledge! If you need any additional data or measurements let me know. THANKS in advance!
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What is the lube and how are you lubing prior to decapping sizing and trimming?
Were you lubing bullet seating and not case sizing?
Im not familiar with CLP...but the others are not for lubing cases...why not try whatever case lube is available locally and a lube pad to apply lube?
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