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SCAR 17 front sight post.

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I purchased the scar 17 last year and absolutely love the rifle with a couple exceptions. One
being the front sight post. At 300 yards and out the front post is just to wide/big. I have heard
of people buying other sights but every time I search for them I run into dead ends. The other
exception is the trigger. Looking into getting a Geissele. Any advise/options would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum!:) I have no issue with the stock trigger but many forum members love and recommend the Geissele. Another trigger option would be from Shooting Sight. It also comes well recommended as another great trigger option and Art is a forum sponsor. As far as accuracy at 300 yards go, may I suggest a good 3-9x40 scope?
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Thanks for the advise but I'm a iron Sights type a guy. I've been kicking the idea of an optic
around though. Scopes I haven't really checked into but I've looked at ACOG EO TECH Aimpoint ect.
I don't wanna cheap out on a $2500 rifle but I also don't want to break the bank again haha...
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I have seen a few people just take off the stock iron sites and replace them with any other BUIS.
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You can just replace the sight post with something like this.


Trigger, Geissele.
Love my Geissele trigger. Keep the front post folded down, so can't help you there. You could just take a dremel to it.
I seen that sight pack says its for an AR-15. Would that match my SCAR? If so I will definitely go that route!
The SCAR uses the same front sight posts as the AR, you can swap out the SCAR's post with most AR posts. Some larger odd shaped front posts won't fit inside of the SCAR front sight hood.
I have one more( probably stupid) question. How do you remove the front
post? I see there is a button that you have to compress but I was sent no
tools with my SCAR. I'm sure it's something easy but humor me if you
Correct FN does not supply a front sight adjustment tool so you need to acquire one. The SCAR with the front hooded sight requires a long small diameter tool along the line of one of these to adjust or remove.
The tool depresses the front sight detent and alows you to adjust or unscrew the sight post, be careful once you remove the sight post the detent is spring loaded and the detent will pop up and out, do not loose these parts. Reuse the tool to install and screw the new front sight post in making sure you have the spring and detent in place.

This lower types will not work with the hooded sight on the SCAR.

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Geissele Super Scar for sure. Love them, huge improvement over stock.

Would this work?


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I used the mbus tool, just had to file it so it would fit in the hood.
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