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Scar 17 rear sight value?

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What would a used scar 17 rear sight be worth?
I see new ones are almost $500 on MGW
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I still see takeoffs going for under 125
If they want to sell them
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Yeah, I'd say $100-150. Mixed bag of demand. Some guys take them off right away cause they don't want them, other guys think they can't live without them. Prices on MGW have gone thru the roof in the last few months. Crazy.
A range of $200 to $400, plus shipping.
Bought an FNH manufactured SCAR rear sight from MGW for $168.15 in March, 2019!!!
I’ve been seeing them go for ~$150-$200.
I have seen some strange part prices as well. Then I ran into people who give stuff away like me. I gave away my adjustable sites from my Benelie M2. I could not get them off the shotgun fast enough.
I highly doubt you’ll find someone willing to pay more than $200 for one. I would not base takeoff parts prices off MWGW prices. They will not single those sights at those prices. They just won’t. They will have them on clearance for $180 within 3 years.
I have a few if anyone is in need please reach out!
You're unlikely to find anyone willing to pay more than $250 for one.
I was able to purchased a used one for 100 plus 20 rd magazine.
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