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Scar 17 sight heigth on the stock irons?

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I've googled and searched on here and can't seem to find the answer does anyone by chance know the sight heighth from the bore on the 17s irons?
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My search turned up the following:
Height of Back Up Iron Sights above rail
M16/M4/AR15 Iron Sights is 1.41"
HK416/M27 IAR Diopter Sights is 1.27"
FN SCAR 16/17 is 1.45"

Centerline of bore to Centerline of iron sights aperture
M16/M4/AR15 Iron Sights is 2.61"
HK416 Diopter Sights is 2.726"
FN SCAR 16/17 is 3.38"
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