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Hi everyone,

I'm excited to finally share some great news with the SCAR community! I ended up marrying my SCAR 17S SBR with my Knights 7.62 QDC suppressor after months of R&D and waiting on my custom-manufactured timing shims to be produced. I created a tutorial thread earlier this year (located here) explaining the slight modification that needed to be done to the actual flash hider itself, but everything came to a screeching halt once I realized KAC didn't make an appropriate set of timing shims that would allow the flash hider to be timed off of the barrel's muzzle. They make 3/4"x24 shims that do exactly this for their SR-25 rifle, but nothing for the more common 5/8"x24 threads found on the SCAR. The correct size shims could not be purchased anywhere on this earth - believe me, I tried. :)

So I did what I had to do and worked directly with KAC's OEM shim supplier to have custom shims made. These will allow the KAC QDC muzzle devices to be timed properly off the SCAR barrel's muzzle. The fantastic part is that they will also work with the Rugged Suppressors SCAR-specific R3 7.62 flash hider, as well as Dead Air Silencers' SCAR-specific flash hider mounts for their Sandman suppressor line. Basically, if it's an "over the barrel" flash hider or brake designed specifically for the SCAR 17S, these shims are going to be required if you intend to time it.

I do not want to violate this forum's advertising policy, so I will not include any links to my product in this post, but I did start up a business and launched a website to get these timing shims out there. That being said, if the forum moderators would like to contact me regarding paid advertising, I am more than receptive to working out an agreement. For now, please just enjoy the SCAR + KAC porn and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me!


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