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Did a search without results. Has anyone heard if the SCAR H PR or TPR is ever going to be available in the United States?
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The PR and TPR model is now available for mil/LE only,the fn csass(shortened mk20 with 16" barrel) will be available to civilian market in a year,according to FNH.
Don't people want the Mk20 for the 20" barrel? With the glut of barrel extensions already out there (especially the SSR rail from MI), there is no good reason to get a 16" Mk20 just for the longer receiver unless you're some kind of hardcore SCAR collector. And then you would have to deal with two different kinds of 16" barrels, one that has 4 barrel extension screws, and one that has 6 (the ones FNH displayed at AUSA 2014 had 6). The market for the commercial Mk20 is already going to be only a small fraction of the SCAR 17 buyers; this will make it even smaller IMHO.

The mk20 is designated as a DMR,20" barrel is widely adopted by the DMRs in the past.16" barrel is now a new fashion for DMRs.Shorter barrel contributes to the rifle's weight and balance,also there's no sign that shorter barrel decreases accuracy.So why not a 16" barrel. The added two screws on the barrel extension means increased rigidity of the barrel,which improves accuracy and reduces zero shift when suppressor attached.So the barrel of the SCAR17 is not interchangeable with the Mk20's.The scar17/mk17 is actually built as a battle rifle,it sacrifices some degrees of accuracy to keep the weight down(pencil barrel,less screws on the barrel extension,shorter rail),and the trigger of the 17s is also not ideal for a DMR purpose rifle,it's exactly a combat trigger,not a match trigger(Of course you can get a after-market match trigger installed,like the Geisselle super scar,but the stock one is not).So if you want a SCAR DMR,the Mk20 is a better choice than the 17s.Just my two cents.
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Obviously there are many factors that come into play when shooters discuss accuracy. For the sake of brevity, I'll touch on the following points since these points were brought into question.

The 16" 17S barrel shoots very well - producing sub MOA groups with match ammunition.

The Mk20 shines with the 20" barrel where the 16" accuracy drops off is when projectiles become destabilized - ranges in excess of 800m.

The addition of (2) fasteners on the Mk20's barrel extension do not increase increase barrel rigidity. Barrel rigidity is directly attributed to the diameter of the barrel when lateral loads are applied to the barrel. The additional fasteners along with the increased length of the barrel extension were required on the Mk20 to support the 20" barrel's weight along with the weight of the suppressor, when the suppressor is installed. 4 fasteners would have been called upon to carry higher static and dynamic loads so the choice was to lengthen the barrel extension.

The CSASS fitted with the 16" Mk20 barrel will not outshoot the standard 16" barrel fitted to the SCAR 17S with a Geissele trigger.

Obviously the Mk20 buttstock offers better shooter fitment to the weapon but fitting the SCAR 17S with a S.O.B.A. would achieve the same goal.


The Mk20 is more accurate than the SCAR17S/Mk17,because of its heavy profile barrel along with the lengthened barrel extension,as FN claims.
The SCAR 17S is no slob, and the target pictured below was fired from a less than ideal surface being a flimsy bench of 3/4" plywood.

View attachment 33960

View attachment 33961

I'm not saying the SCAR17 is inaccurate,I know this thing is very accurate(moa or even sub moa shooter with proper loads).But a military guy on another forum has said that his issued Mk20 can shoot 1/2 moa consistently with military issued ammunition(Mk316 I guess.)
FNH claims that the Mk20 will be sub-MOA with match ammo. That's about what a 16" barreled SCAR 17 can do. My understanding is that the longer 20" barrel gives you more muzzle velocity and therefore flatter trajectory as well as more range before the bullet starts running the risk of yawing or wobbling from slowing down to transonic speeds, which will obviously affect accuracy. I have not read that FNH claims the heavy profile barrel and lengthened barrel extension does anything significant to improve accuracy. Maybe you can provide the link?

"The proprietary barrel extension and barrel profile improve accuracy"

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