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I ran across this post on another forum (emphasis mine)...

A few notes about the SCAR since it has been in production with FNH. The head of small arms noted that they were very pleased with the SCAR-L. Its been on par from what they had in the small prototype stage at Crane. Its reliability has been about one stoppage every 4000 rounds, which is where it was before. They are having a few issues with the production SCAR-H. Its stoppage rate went from an average of one in 3000 to one every 1500-2000. They are trying to work a solution to bring it to where it was before. Also, the early 3 prong flash supressor on the 13" barrel was developing cracks due to the pressure comming out the muzzle. They made a small redesign onit and havent had any new problems.
Source (requires registration): http://lightfighter.net/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/9046084761/m/9751012983
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