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i took these weights with a postal meter i got from the post office a while back. it measures in ounces lbs and tenths of ounces. since i was pretty much rebuilding the rifle i took the opportunity to weigh everything that seemed interesting. in case folks are wondering what individual mods oem parts and assemblies weigh here ya go. there may be a +- of 2 or 3 ounces in total when everything is summed up due to the scale not displaying fractions of weights below .1 ounces

all weights are in ounces unless otherwise noted.

FN mag empty 8.5
Pmag 20round 5.7

MI Rail Extension 12.2
MI lower barrel support .8 (needed with MI rail)
OEM Lower barel support 1.3 (needed with vltor handguard or stock lower rail)
OEM bottom rail 2.8
OEM side rail .8 each
Vltor Handguard 6.0
Vltor sideplates 1.0 each (two required)
Vltor Extension 3.0
Vltor 3 inch rail section .5
Vltor additional screws .5

OEM stock Adapter assembly 11.1 (needed for mounting OEM or Vltor stock)
Vltor stock 8.4
OEM stock 8.1

GGG charging handle .7
OEM charging Handle .3

BCM 7.62 MOD1 Compensator with crush washer 2.6
Surefire FH7.26 3.0
OEM PWS Brake with lock nut 3.3

OEM lower with grip screw and nut 6.3
Handl Lower with grip screw 12.6

OEM trigger group 2.5
Giesselle Super Scar Trigger group 3.0
OEM lower parts minus trigger group 3.5

OEM grip 2.4
BCM gunfighter grip 2.8

16" OEM Barrel Assembly with OEM sights 37.6
Upper Assembly without side or lower rails 22.7
BCG complete 25.0
Recoil Spring Assembly 1.6

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Sticky! Thanks for the list, definitely answered some questions for me

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