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SCARs have apparently hit the shelves in LA, and OH....

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Ok guys,
Well over on AR15.com, there has been two confirmed accounts of SCARS already on dealers shelves in LA, and in OH.
I cannot give exact details, as they did not post any info on WHAT dealers had them in stock, but I'm sure you could find out if you log onto AR15.com and email the members who posted the info.
I know one guy actually fondled one at his local dealer, and it had a $3200 price tag on it!

Anyhow, I was kind of shocked to see that a couple dealers have SCARS on their shelves for sale, which were not presold. I thought most FN Stocking dealers who had sold a pre-determined amount of "FN Dealer Packages" and were knowingly receiving SCARS, had already presold them all. I know for a fact that most dealers have told me that the SCARS had to be paid for up front, before they were received.
Anyhow, maybe someone can give us confirmed answers on the quick detach bbls, and also on the "high round count"/hammer forged bbls???

Most of us are still trying to find out if the SCAR is still going to maintain it's already infamous "high round count" hammer forged bbl? or not??? We are also wanting to know if the civvi SCARS are going to have the quick change bbl feature?
Gosh we SURE hope so. That's going to be a real important factor with the SCAR.
Anyone care to enlighten us? The whole world is crossing it's fingers in hopes of the bbl features being maintained on the 16S.

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Most people don't get all bent out of shape for posting links to other forums, but just in case anyone does, feel free to remove mods, and just let me know.

Yes you are correct, that guy on GB doesn't have his yet.
However, I have been told that one of the dealers I mentioned above, will be listing his SCAR on GB today. This is a dealer which I mentioned above, who DOES have a SCAR in stock already.
We'll see.
I can't wait until mine arrives...
Yeah, they aren't cheap guys, and to be honest, I like the Storm waterproof, TSA approved, high quality hard case that comes with this first initial production run of SCARS, however, I would rather they have just kept the case and knocked the $175-ish off the price of the gun.
Oh well, at least it's a nice case, and I can't complain. I just hope the damn bbls are the high round count/CHF bbls.
Well, personally, I do NOT know about he bbls. This is because Templar, who posted a thread in this forum, recently took the SCAR armorers course at FN, and his opening post said that FN was "not including the military bbs on the 16S", or something along those lines.
However, we do not know if this means the QUICK DETACH only, OR if this means the CHF/high round count portion of the bbl.
One would HOPE that FN still maintained the quality CHF bbl on the Civvi 16S SCAR, but one tends to THINK that they might not have. ???
One member however, has also posted that he actually called FN, and an FN Rep informed him that we WERE getting the quality bbls.
Who knows at this point. I have asked several dealers who have them IN STOCK, and they can't even tell me.
We need someone IN THE KNOW.
I have noticed that a number of guys who most likely know, will not answer the question online. I just don't know, and I sincerely hope that FN maintained the quality CHF bbl. It's looking like we might not have gotten the Quick Detach bbl though. However, I cannot be 100% certain about that though.
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Yeah, I get the point bro. It's exactly like the M4's/AR's.

The BBL has nothing to do with making the gun F/A or S/A. It's the FCG parts. No civilian has any more of a chance of obtaining an FN F/A SCAR lower, than they do obtaining a F/A Colt M4 lower.

I know exactly what the report said. Here is the EXACT quote:

"The military barrels and receivers will NOT be interchangeable with the civillian version, which is one big reason it's taken as long as it has for the civvie gun to come out."

We MIGHT be getting the SAME QUALITY bbls as the Military, and we might even get a QD bbl, but obviously we are NOT getting the same exact bbls as the military, otherwise BY DEFAULT, the 16S bbls WOULD fit into the Military SCARS and be interchangeable.
All I was saying, was that it has been reported that there are "military bbls", and then there are "civilian bbls", or at least that is the word on the street.
Nothing in regards to the SCARs actual bbl features has been reported as fact on my end, as I do not know 100% for sure. I am simply referring to what has been posted by others at this time.

Enough talk about fear of turning a SCAR into a F/A gun though. It's no different than with an AR/M4 really.
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Yes, you are correct Jaws. That is exactly what I posted about 3-4 posts back on the last page of this thread.
That other member did indeed talk to FN, but there has been some question as to whether or not that FN rep really knows what he/she is talking about.
Let's hope they were correct my friend!
That would be absolutely great parker. I think that's what we are all hoping for, or something along those lines.
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