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Which 9mm?

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Searching for a duty pistol, FNP9 or G19?

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Hi guys, I am a newbie on this forum... And I never knew about the FNP9 until a distributor show us the FN catalog.

This is my dilenma, my agency is buying new 9mm for our detectives, we used the G17 but we are recommending the G19 instead. Now a distributor wants us to try the FNP9 for ourselves, I got no problem with that....more range time for me....but I would like some comments on this pistol. Any information will ve welcome.

I searched the internet last night and I found pretty goods articles, but I would like the comments and experience from you guys..

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No question in my mind. For one thing, I don't like striker fired pistols; I prefer an exposed hammer. For another, I don't like the Glock trigger.

Only downside in my eyes is that finding a holster will be more difficult.
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