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Searching for a duty pistol, FNP9 or G19?

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Hi guys, I am a newbie on this forum... And I never knew about the FNP9 until a distributor show us the FN catalog.

This is my dilenma, my agency is buying new 9mm for our detectives, we used the G17 but we are recommending the G19 instead. Now a distributor wants us to try the FNP9 for ourselves, I got no problem with that....more range time for me....but I would like some comments on this pistol. Any information will ve welcome.

I searched the internet last night and I found pretty goods articles, but I would like the comments and experience from you guys..

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If your looking for a truly un-biased opinon, this is not the place....since it's a FN forum.

As far as ergonomics, trigger pull, and accuracy go the FNP seems top notch so far.

Quality control is questionable. Some early FNP's have had problems like fire control housing cracks, slide not locking back, etc...... Having said that, the FNP is still a fairly new design, and with new designs come problems. I honestly believe that FNH has taken care of the issues, and the newer FNPs coming off the line will run flawlessly.

Customer service is TOP NOTCH. I had a minor proplem with my FNP (slide not locking back) and FNH/Browning took care of it with no questions asked, no cost to me, and returned the gun in a remarkable time frame.

One thing that should be a major concern to you, is it's ability to withstand the elements. Since I'm a civi., I really haven't been able/won't be able to see how the FNP stands up in rain, snow, and other elemental factors that your duty gun will be exposed to.

Let us know what you do/think. I'd be really excited to see a LE agency pick up the FNP for duty use, since this is what FNH has intended to do from the start.

I really believe that in a few years, the FNP will be a very popular gun. Not only in the civilian market, but LEO/MIL. as well. I have a lot of confidence in the design and FNH as a company.
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