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My name is Charlie and I was recently gifted what I believe to be a custom FN 243 Mauser Sporter rifle for my birthday. While in a gun store, Shooter’s Supply, in Paducah, KY, my brother who has a good eye for weapons found this really nice FN Mauser and bought it for me.
This rifle has the following distinctive characteristics which I have been able to determine:
1. It has an FN barrel with five marks that I can see. It may have more under the stock.
a. The serial number is C5639
b. There is Le Perron Mark (the two dimensional flat looking style) My reference suggests this is a Liege inspection mark possibly for inspection of the breeching system.
c. An asterisk over a capital N. My reference indicates it is Liege, Belgian inspector’s mark
d. There is a single Capital V which could be a date stamp for 1943.
e. On the top of the barrel what looks to be in a more modern smaller font, is 243
2. It has an FN action which has 5639 marked on the under side of the bolt
3. The stock has Schnabel tip
4. The trigger guard is very fancy metal work with a Deer Head (Buck) Inside a hexagon. Above and below the Deer Head are groups of leaves. (Since getting the rifle, I have looked at thousands of pictures on the internet and none that I have seen have this type of fancy trigger guard)
Knowing full well, I am a rookie dealing with FN rifles. What I am beginning to see is:
The barrel and the action were made in Belgium, perhaps in 1943 (V) but since the barrel is marked 243 and 243 rounds were not available until at earliest 1955, the rifle was assembled after 1955. The dilemma I am having is no one would have known about the 243 round in 1943. How could what appears to be an older Mauser barrel be sized to 243?
I would really appreciate any insight about this gun that you can provide. I am most concerned about approximately where and when the rifle was manufactured along with what is the significance of the C in the serial number.
Submitted by new member of this fnforum and the proud owner of this very nice, very accurate FN Mauser who thanks you in advance for any assistance you may provide. Pictures are attached.
Should you require anything else, just let me know.


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