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Sellier and Bellot ammo

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Does anyone know what S&B uses for their metal jacketing? I can't find what they use anywhere (including their site). It's not copper and looks like brass to me. It is also not steel as it does not react to magnets.

Also, is this ammo decent?
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djv38 said:
2Blown98 said:
I've used their 9mm in my FNP. It shoots just fine but is much dirtier than the federal stuff I usually shoot. You can't beat it for the price though.
I found the brass cased S&B to be cleaner than WWB. Haven't shot any federal.
yeah i also have noticed that the S&B does shoot a little cleaner than WWB. I have had no problems with S&B.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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