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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - When Shirley Logrecco and her group gather to sing at area nursing homes, she knows the peace that a song or a few words can bring. But for this great-grandmother of five, her peace of mind comes from a place unseen, a place never far away. That's because this granny got a gun.

"I was a widow, I was living by myself," said Logrecco when explaining why she felt compelled to buy a gun. "I would travel by myself."

"Bad guys view them as an easy target," said firearms instructor Becky Powers. But she added just purchasing firepower is no guarantee of protection.

"It's a concern for those who think a gun is going to magically take care of the situation," said Powers.
Powers emphasized the importance of training and practicing, something Logrecco has passionately pursued giving her complete confidence in herself and her glock.

"This gun is powerful enough that if i have to use it, it will stop people," said Logrecco.
Senior safety instructor Sandy Morris is hesitant to recommend gun ownership for most older folks.
"I don't think it's necessary, said Morris. "You can be just as safe with a whistle on your keychain."
That might be a tough sell for Logrecco who admits to taking her gun everywhere, even to church.
"Do I think about it when I go to church?" said Logrecco. "No it's just part of me."

Powers understands why older women feel the need for extra security everywhere.
"I see the 70-year-old woman as an easier target so she needs to have options to defend herself," said Powers.
As for her friends, Logrecco knows she's in the minority who are packing protection.
"I think they're just glad I'm around sometimes," she laughed.

Even Morris, who is reluctant to encourage gun ownership for seniors, admits to keeping a shotgun at the ready under her own bed.

"And if they come in my room, they're going to hear that puppy ratchet," said Morris, demonstrating a shotgun stance. "I have a good feeling when they hear that they'll go the other direction."

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