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To celebrate the release of their brand new SHDW45 suppressor, Shadow Ops Weaponry is offering the first 300 sold at the low price of $300 – %40 off MSRP.

The suppressor is a “Cayce” design, which utilizes special internal methods and measurements to provide a top .45 ACP silenced performance. The suppressor is also usable on 9mm, 10mm, and .40 firearms with different pistons.

Use coupon code SPARTA at checkout to take advantage of the price.

We aren’t personally familiar with Shadow Ops Weaponry suppressors, but when we received news of this offer we thought it was worth sharing. Especially considering the impending changes regarding the use of trusts and corporations to transfer NFA items (41P). It’s an opportunity to get a hold of a suppressor before it gets more difficult to obtain one.
SOURCE: Soldier Systems
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