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Shooting 17hmr through specwar762?

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I have a spare 1/2x28 specwar flash hider and I was wondering if it would be ok to run some 17hmr through the specwar since the 17 uses jacketed projectiles? I have a spectre II that will probably be what I primarily run on it but I'd like to see how much quieter the specwar is and if it's a significant difference maybe use it for hunting gophers once in awhile instead of the spectre. It's my understanding that rimfire ammo is quite a bit dirtier than centerfire but from what I've read it seems that I could "clean out" the specwar by simply running some 308 through it afterwards?
Any advice on this would be appreciated, thanks.
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Jacketed ammo, shouldn't cause you any issues. I run 5.7 through my Octane and TBAC 30P-1 with no problems. Worst case scenario is you have to do the "dip" with your SpecWar down the road.
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