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Shot my CZ Tactical Sport 9mm today. Incredible gun

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Took it out today and put it through its paces and ran 500rds through it. Some stationary and some on the move at various distances.

putting jagged holes at 5 yards and groups no bigger than my fist at 50 feet away.

the recoil is incredibly soft and easy to manage without the tradeoff of being a noticeably heavy gun like some out there.

There is only 1 thing im going to change on it though and that is the solid sight to an adjustable or possibly go with a red dot like a deltapoint. Other than the sight I can not imagine changing a single thing on it and dare I say I think its more accurate than my 6" 9mm STI Trojan or 6" Sig X-Six Supermatch (which was more than 2x the cost!!!).

Ive shot full blown super finely tuned race guns that felt like cheating but for a stock out of the box $1k gun I haven't owned or shot something that can beat it yet. Im lucky I got it when it was on sale for $1,000 but still at $1300 its a steal.

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I don't get it. Did you shoot it or did this guy? Plus, it's in the wrong forum...just like the other post. Nice gun though.
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