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Hello everyone,
I purchased my SCAR 17S on Saturday I put . Today 220 rounds through it. At the very end, in the middle of the last magazine, the rifles bolt caught a round and stuffed it into the front of the mag, shoving the bullet into the case. I removed
the round and shot 4 more rounds and it did the same thing one more time. I was using American Eagle 150 FMJ boat-tails until the last mag. I shot Remington after running out of the American Eagle. ( I use the American Eagle for plinking, the Remington was left over from another shoot with my M1A1) The failures occurred with Remington Core-Lokt 150 Gr 308 Win PSP.
I was wondering if anyone had had a similar experience with the SCAR 17S. Other than those two failure to feed occurrences, it shot great and I love it. The recoil is much less of what I anticipated for it feeling so light to me. And for the plinking session, the sights were dead on at the ranges I was shooting at
of between 20-70 yds. Loved it!
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