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This is the SIG SAUER 556 SWAT, a recently acquired treasure.

The SIG 556 features a 16" military grade cold hammer forged barrel. It's base on the SIG 550 series. It uses the rock solid Swiss Arms' two-position adjustable gas-piston operating-rod system, which is known for its reliability. It also has a very nice, crisp two-stage trigger.

This is a quad-rail design and the rails are a true 1913-spec, running the full-length on the top, bottom and both sides. Front and rear flip up sights are standard on the SWAT model. It came with a vertical foregrip with integral SIG Sauer tactical light. It has a folding and collapsible stock as well.

The 556 also features an ambidextrous safety and is designed to accept standard AR magazines, which is a good thing considering it only came with one 30-round polymer magazine.

So far all I have added is a EOTech holographic sight

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