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When I first got my FNP9 6 months ago, it was a match made in heaven, I was utterly in lust with it. After a few thousand rounds, my shot groups began to shift slowly and steadily to the left, making me nuts.

My slightly more collected spouse noticed the off center front sight. DING! The culprit was located. I carefully tapped it the rest of the way out, cleaned it, applied red loctite, and using my calipers, got it centered to within .0001". The front sight slot was cut a few thousandths too wide, so I picked up a set of Ameriglo sights that were a hair's width wider for it.

I let the threadlock under the new Ameriglos cure overnight, then took it back out to the range the next day. My shot groups were TIGHT - 2 -1/2 " at 15 yds, BUT 3" right of Point of aim. A bit befuddled, I went into the clubhouse, got the parallax pistol rest, and sat down with several boxes of 115GR 9MM from various manufacturers, plus my own 147 GR handloads. The ammo was irrelevant...the pistol consistently shot 3" or so right of POA no matter the brand. :(

I adjusted POA to the outside of the number 8 ring, and neatly ripped out a ragged hole in the 10. Shizzle. Re-checked the centering of the sights with calipers, and they were dead center.

I have given up on my beloved FNP9 as anything other than a home defense or concealed carry pistol, as I don't trust it with 25 yd shots. I replaced the trigger spring, which brought the SA down to 3#, and added Tritium nightsights. It's dead on reliable, just not up to long shots.

Such potential, and relegated to carry or nightstand use only. :cry:
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