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Sight Options, check out a Leupold 1x14mm Prismatic

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I bought a new 1x14mm Leupold prismatic scope a month or so back for an Noveske SBR I own. Well I tried this scope on most of my rifles that have a rail. I was pretty impressed with the flexibility of this unit. I have a PS90 with the USSS reticle and am quite happy with that. But I see lots of people complaining about the white reticle version (I agreed when I saw that version it wasn't my cup of tea)

I took a look at the Tri-Rail version PS90, the other day and tought that might be a good option for folks that want to add another brand of scope. This version seemed to me a better option then the optical equiped PS90's with a rail mounted in place of the FN optic (not a supprise to everyone here). The aftermarket rails seem pretty high.

I guess to make a long story short the Leupold comes with a rail mount and 3 additional spacers. So without any spaces the scope can sit pretty low. The other addvantage is the black reticle with lighted option. Even if the battery is dead there is still a reticle.

Might be something to consider.

I also tried in on my FNH 16" PBR and thought this combo would make a really pratical deer rifle. With all the brush around here there isn't always a need for magnification.
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