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Sight pusher.

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After sighting in the RMR a couple of weeks ago I found that it doesnt co witness with the irons so I broke out the depth mics and found the front site is almost .050 to the right. Just about the exact amount my co witness is off.
Can anyone recommend a sight pusher that works well with the FNX.45 Tac?
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got the 500 std on friday, fiddled with it sat nite and a few minutes ago...once i figured out the unique balance of putting the slide in securely in relation to the unit's 'sight' pusher and then finessing the pusher while hand holding the press as i rotated the hex wrench as it was relatively easily to push the olde sight out and install the new Williams' firesight into place. My OCD force was high though as i tried to ensure the sight was equidistant on the firearm.

all in all the $$$ was well spent instead of bang'g on the slide with a punch and hammer, not that i have ever done that, nope read about that, somewhere, ya!!

^^^My P500 Pro arrive Friday as well, VERY, VERY nice sight pusher. I spent some time fiddlin' wittit as the Wabbit did and once I figured it all out I was even more impressed. I would point this out to anyone who has or uses a P500 or the Pro sight pusher...MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN YOU HAVE WELL OILED THE PUSHER BOLT AND GUIDE ROD.

Looking at it I can tell it would bind up something awful without lubrication. LUBE IT, DAMM IT, JUST DO IT! :?
FROGLUBE works exceptionally well on a myriad of things, including the P500 and those firearms i maintain.

FrogLube - The World's Only Complete Bio Based 'Green' Weapons Care system, Solvent and CLP USDA Approved

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Yes lube, and use a pair of those little metal washers on the face of the push bolt before the arbor goes on to act as a bearing surface so there's a free area to spin and relieve torque pressure. So far this P500 Pro has had NO problem moving any sight on a variety of slides I've tried. I do have a few MGW pushers stashed away, but since I've had this one I just grab it first for everything.


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