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Hi there,

I am slightly confused, i know there are the 2 sight units, those being the white ring sight and USSS black ring sight.

but i was just reading on Wikipedia that there where 2 sight units, one being the "HC-14-62" and one being the "MC-10-80"

the "HC-14-62" am i right in assuming that is the White Ring Sight
the "MC-10-80"is the Black Ring Sight?

quote from Wikipedia
The P90 is equipped with an unmagnified HC-14-62 optical reflex sight from Ring Sights, which enables quick target acquisition up to 150 m and operation in low-level lighting conditions (it has a tritium-illuminated aiming reticule).

Newer units are fitted with the Ring Sights MC-10-80 sight designed specifically for the P90. It uses a forward-aimed fiber optic collector to illuminate the daytime reticule, which consists of a large circle of about 180 MOA, with a 20 MOA circle surrounding a dot in the center. The night reticule consists of an open “T” that is primarily illuminated by a tritium module or moonlight and ambient light drawn in by an upward-facing collector.

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The mc-10-80 is the old white Ring sight with the front and rear light collectors. The hc-14-62 is the Black Ring Sight that has the tritium on the "cross hairs" themselves.
Hopefully tgtran can pop in and give us more info since he has one himself.

check out this sticky if you havn't already seen it.

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M1P90 said:
Hopefully tgtran can pop in and give us more info since he has one himself.
I might have a few USGs :-D

I know this gets confusing because its different all over the internet but according to Ring Sight.

From Ring Sights:
HC-14-62 - White Reticle Ring Sight with plastic housing.
MC-10-80 - Black Reticle Ring Sight with metal housing.

Wiki has it listed the other way around. Personally I am a bit confused myself. Maybe someone can ask FN in the next Q&A for a difinative answer.

FN chose our HC type with a circular aperture of 14mm diameter for their P90 sight. The HC design has a dual reticle - rings and a dot for day, open T for night. The open T doesnot obscure the target which may be difficult to discern if the reticle overlays it.Its height is greater, for a given aperture, than the LC type but this can easily be fitted intothe space between the barrel axis and the sight line. On the P90 the optic housing is plastic and the interface of the housing with the gun is by two zeroing screws.The optic can be put into other housings such as one with a laser pointer beneath it,complete with the laser battery, on a zeroing mount with range settings, the whole on adovetail interface for the British 5.56mm rifle.

The MC-10-80 is specifically designed for the FN Herstal P90. The sight is a unit power telescopic sight with a black graticule for day use and a open T for night use lit by a red tritium light source. Being NVG compatible it is ideally suited to 24 hour operations.

Here is the info direct from Ring Sight:


What other info do you guys need?

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thanks for that, its just slightly confusing as im actually after a White Ring Sight and didn't know if i had it the right way around

and if any one has a unwanted White Ring Sight unit, they don't want please could you give me a pm!

thanks again
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