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Simple mod to deactivate decocker

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After working with my presentations out of the holster with my FNX 9,i have found that i am accidentaly decocking about 25 percent of the time,ruinig my first shot placement.Since there seemed to be no simple way to internally deactivate this i fashioned a simple plastic stop and JB welded it on the frame just below the safety in the on position.I works well for me.Any one see a downside? With the exception of not having the use of the decocker,which i would never use. '
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If it works for you then I cannot see a downside. However, should you sell the pistol, the prospective buyer may not like having the frame modified so you may not get the desired price AND I have no idea if that plastic stop would ever come off the frame of its own. The only gunsmithing I've ever done to my guns is to deburr the internal parts. Best wishes with your mod.
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