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Have had my new Scar-16 out to the range a few times now. Finally put an ACOG on it and got that sighted in today. I did a fluff and buff on the existing trigger but its still pretty heavy at 8.5# and kind of creaks a bit before it breaks. My groups showed it. I am currently looking into my options to replace it. I have a Geissele on my SCAR-17 which I love, but I use that more as a precision rifle and for hunting. I would like a good single stage on the 16 to work up to shooting 3 gun eventually but it was also do double/triple duty for pig hunting and HD. The hunting part is why I would like to make some somewhat precise shots.....

It looks like out of the 3 aftermarket triggers (Geissele, Timney, ShootingSight) that the Timney is the only aftermarket single stage trigger available. I would be all over it, but its a bit light for my tastes at 3 pounds. I prefer something more like 5# or so for a field gun. Curious if you all think there are some spring upgrades/swaps I could do on the Timney to get it a bit heavier? Even 4.5# I could live with but 3# is too damn light for a rifle I will be in the field with.

Been trying to talk myself into just dealing with a 2 stage trigger like the G-trigger in the 16, but want to at least try to go the single stage route in it if there is a way.....

Thanks in advance.
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