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So, today, instead of going to my only class (an intro music class... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz), I went shooting with my FNP-9.

I put 300 rds of S&B ammo down range. I started off with the curved back strap, but I was shooting quite low and left, so I swapped it with the flat one. My shooting did improve with it. I was still shooting low and left, but not as bad. I have to remember proper grip, because when I do, I can put rounds on the center.

This is 650 rounds that I have shot through it now (1050 for the weapon). It has never had a failure to anything. I have only shot WWB and S&B through it. The S&B is definately better than the WWB. It is much cleaner and possibly more accurate (though I haven't shot the 2 next to eachother). I also go it cheaper than the WWB. The stores around here charge about $23-24 for a box of 100. I got the S&B for about $22/100 online (including shipping).

I'm very pleased with the gun. I'm not the most accurate shooter, but the gun places nice groups (though not on center due to my grip mostly). I'll be putting a few hundred more rounds down range Saturday, and will maybe try a sandbag rest just to make sure it isn't the sights aren't causing me to shoot slightly left.

It was definately worth skipping class 8)
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