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Slide returning with mag insertion.

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Feel slightly retarded asking this. But I finally got my FNX-45 to the range, and noticed that if I insert the mag with some force, or even bump the bottom of the mag with my palm after gently inserting it, that the slide will release on its own.

Ran about 4-5 mags through it like that, not even really thinking about it. I just thought "ooo, I like that"

Upon thinking about it some more today, I checked my manual to see if there was any mention of this 'feature', but no. Also did a little Googling before posting here, to see how common it was, and found lots of other brands doing the same thing.

Nowhere did I find that its actually something mentioned by companies, that the pistol was designed to do.

Anyone know if I should be worried about tearing something up by doing so? I havent yet stripped down the pistol to see if any of the smaller parts are being hit.

On a side note though, the edge of the mag release protrudes into the magazine tunnel, which allows the front of the mag to catch on it, if its not put in a certain way. Think I may have to pull the release out, and bevel the edge.
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Before you go and do a refit to the slide stop, check your pistol for an empty chamber, insert an empty magazine into the well, then rack the slide hard. Did the slide stop seat fully into it's notch in the slide or did it just seat part way? If just part way, maybe that's why bumping the magazine dislodges the stop allowing the slide to trip. Could also be caused by a tight fit between the slide stop and the frame restricting full movement of the slide stop which likely will disappear after you break in the pistol. While you're at it, compare the magazine follower height with all of your magazines. Do any of the followers appear a bit lower than the others? Could you be limp wristing the last round? Please do not take this as criticism of your pistol or shooting technique. My intent is just to try and help you locate the source of your problem. By letting us know how this turns out, someone will come up with a fix.
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