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Well, I'm at work, but my parents told me a big box came in at their house - I expect it is the gun case I orderd for the PS90 - Now, if I just have rail mounts in my mail box when I get home, I'll be happy :p :p

My strap won't be in until next week probably, because UPS takes forever.

AT lunch, I also found some brackets that I think I can use to make a stand for the PS90. I have a baby on the way, and I am used to leaving guns around the house. Now, I am converting 1 closet to a gun safe. I'm changing the hinges to ones where U cannot remove the pins, and I also plan to put a combination lock on th edoor. Its bigger than a gun safe, and I need not worry so much about moisture. I also have ample enough room for ammo.

Anyway, I'm hoping the brackets fit the gun as I picture in my mind, so I can have it standing up (pointing up) on the floor, against a wall. I'm been trying to figure out a decent way tos tore it in my closet for a few days now.
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