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SLP MK1 Tactical and SLP Competition Potential Hybrid???

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I have the FN SLP MK1 Tactical and recently acquired a 2014 FN SLP Competition with 24" Vent-Rib.

I like the pistol grip of the SLP Mk1 Tactical, and I like the magazine capacity and cool blue receiver of the SLP Competition. I also like the vented rib barrel better than the 22" barrel with cantilevered mount that comes on the Tactical. I was wondering if it would be possible to combine the 2 guns. I would do it one of a couple different ways.

- Could I put the MK1 Tactical pistol grip onto the SLP Competition? This would be the ideal solution.

- Could I put the SLP Competition barrel onto the MK1 Tactical? Seems like there shouldn't be any issue with this. I could actually order just the barrel and get an extended mag tube. Then keep the SLP Competition as is.

Thanks in advance for the input.
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