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Hello Forumites -

I have been lurking for a while - until now that is.

Last week I was granted a massive promotion at work - something that was nearly 7 long arduous years in the making.

After celebrating with my family I *HAD* to celebrate - after treating all to chow at the Outback and savoring a Punch Grand Cru stogie I took a trip to my local gunshop.

Knowing that this PS90 was probably going to be hard to find I had only planned on inquiring about it and maybe burning off some rounds in my 92FS and 1911 after that. How surprised was I when I walked in a found a nice new black '90 sitting on the rack. Bingo - the stogie was good but here's how I celebrate for real right?

I told the guy at the counter that I wanted every option I could get on her and he more than obliged. Fortunately for me he and 2 others there were former LEO's who had a ton of experience customizing stuff. After picking a whole bunch of stuff out the gents told me to go out on the range for about an hour on the house and then come back to the counter and they would be done with her.

Mind you - the free range time and the customizing in back was all done before I plunked down a cent and even had the 4473 run.

After the range I came back and found my baby - neat toy indeed.

These guys must have put 20 different things on the piece - from lasers to lights and on and on. Some of the $65 dollar rings mounts and such were a bit annoying but over all what a nice package. Can you believe that I forgot a sling though?

If this couldn't get any better as I was ringing out they plunked down 3 boxes of the 197 on the house also - a free Glock hat for the wife rounded it out. Believe me after this expenditure I was going to need the hat and full load of roses to get into the house again HEH!

I look forwards to interacting with my fellow PS90 owners!
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