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Just happened to read this post from Molon Labe:

Thinking of getting the scar 308 but what makes it a better rifle then LMT or POF?
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  • Charles Turner You guys sell the scar?

    December 1 at 7:50pm via mobile

    • Molon Labe Industries They are field serviceable. We can help you out in obtaining one at a decent price.
      1 · December 1 at 8:04pm

  • Charles Turner And the definitive term of modularity has a long list of meanings what exactly are we referring to here? Also would the Elcan 1.5-6x or the millett doughnut be more superior on this setup? Thanks
    December 1 at 6:34pm via mobile

    • Molon Labe Industries With a barrel and bolt change you can access other calibers, .308, .223, 330BLK, 7.62x39. You can also change the barrel length just as easy. The ELCAN 1.5x6 is perfect for the rifle. The only short coming is the trigger which can be fixed by adding the Geissele SuperScar Trigger

      1 · December 1 at 7:41pm

  • Charles Turner Are they typically as easy to manipulate like the ar platform. I'm also a lefty.
    December 1 at 6:29pm via mobile

    • Molon Labe Industries Great for a lefty, just as easy, lighter than any other 308 out there.
      December 1 at 7:38pm

  • Molon Labe Industries Lighter weight, reliability and modularity...

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