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So WHAT ACCESSORIES do you have planned for your SCAR L????

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Let's have it guys. WHAT accessories are you thinking about? Here's mine, and I would like to know what you all are thinking as well!

1. MIAD GRIP (IF they work? I think they do, RIGHT GUYS?) BLK OR FDE in color. Not sure. I really wish I could find some pics of BOTH BLACK AND FDE so I could see what looks best. Same goes for the next few accessories:

2. TD Rail Panels (OR KAC?) TD are usually a tighter fit though. Again, not sure whether I want Black OR FDE???

3. TD Stubby VFG- I've never been much for VFG's, but I think this gun just screams "VFG" compatible, so I'm going to at least try one. BLK or FDE??

4. Sling: Padded VCAS: I've always used the black ones, but this time, I'm thinking either OD green, OR FDE padded! I think OD just might be the ticket, to change things up a bit. Of course, black WOULD look nice too. I just think a FDE VCAS would be TOO much FDE on this gun, ya know?

5. PMAGS. OR the new "EMAGS". I'm thinking BLACK PMAGS/EMAGS for SURE guys. I always thought black PMAGS looked great in the LWRC FDE AR's...

6. Optic: Aimpoint? M3/M4S maybe? Hell, I'm even thinking a Micro T1/H1 might even be the ticket here guys. IF I had the YEN, I would seriously be considering one of those FDE TA31-ECOS ACOG's, but those are just too spendy right now.
Besides, as I said earlier, I'm thinking that I'll use some black accessories on parts of this gun. For anyone who has seen the LWRC FDE guns, you will notice that the BLACK Magpul CTR stocks, and the PMAGS look GREAT on that FDE gun. I am not quite sure which parts I'll use in black, but I DO KNOW that some black accessories will look MUCH better than if I were to go with ALL FDE items on my SCAR guys.
What do you guys have planned on your SCARS?
I think I'm really going to enjoy this setup. 8)
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I don't have an Aimpoint so I had to use the next best thing. Also installed, Magpul grip, Vltor bipod, light and rails (they're to long so I'll be cutting them down soon). Enjoy

as that some of the parts I installed are from other rifles I have, the future plans for this Scar are: A.R.M.S. rings, Nightforce 2.5-10 X 32 NSX, and Black Magpul grip. Light was just installed for the photo.
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The MAID (with the rear curved section) out of the box needs to be slightly modified to sit correctly in the "backside curvature" but would be very simple to do with a rounded file. As that this grip is not going to be a regular on this rifle here's a couple close ups without the modification done.
I do feel the Black MAID would have a better look but as for the rails I'm just not sold on the Black yet but time will tell.
As for the KAC, I have no experience with them but wouldn't it be possible to modify them in a way so they lock in? I would hate to have to do Any kind of permanent mods to the rifle.

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