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So WHAT ACCESSORIES do you have planned for your SCAR L????

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Let's have it guys. WHAT accessories are you thinking about? Here's mine, and I would like to know what you all are thinking as well!

1. MIAD GRIP (IF they work? I think they do, RIGHT GUYS?) BLK OR FDE in color. Not sure. I really wish I could find some pics of BOTH BLACK AND FDE so I could see what looks best. Same goes for the next few accessories:

2. TD Rail Panels (OR KAC?) TD are usually a tighter fit though. Again, not sure whether I want Black OR FDE???

3. TD Stubby VFG- I've never been much for VFG's, but I think this gun just screams "VFG" compatible, so I'm going to at least try one. BLK or FDE??

4. Sling: Padded VCAS: I've always used the black ones, but this time, I'm thinking either OD green, OR FDE padded! I think OD just might be the ticket, to change things up a bit. Of course, black WOULD look nice too. I just think a FDE VCAS would be TOO much FDE on this gun, ya know?

5. PMAGS. OR the new "EMAGS". I'm thinking BLACK PMAGS/EMAGS for SURE guys. I always thought black PMAGS looked great in the LWRC FDE AR's...

6. Optic: Aimpoint? M3/M4S maybe? Hell, I'm even thinking a Micro T1/H1 might even be the ticket here guys. IF I had the YEN, I would seriously be considering one of those FDE TA31-ECOS ACOG's, but those are just too spendy right now.
Besides, as I said earlier, I'm thinking that I'll use some black accessories on parts of this gun. For anyone who has seen the LWRC FDE guns, you will notice that the BLACK Magpul CTR stocks, and the PMAGS look GREAT on that FDE gun. I am not quite sure which parts I'll use in black, but I DO KNOW that some black accessories will look MUCH better than if I were to go with ALL FDE items on my SCAR guys.
What do you guys have planned on your SCARS?
I think I'm really going to enjoy this setup. 8)
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Thanks for posting those pics mgpatty,
No, you cannot make the KAC rail panels work WITHOUT milling out the SCAR's rail. Look at how they mount, and you will soon see.
No biggie though, as I just received my new SCAR panels from TD, and boy am I glad I went with the FDE instead of black. I just think they look the best. Black certainly wouldn't look bad though. These new panels being THINNER, are simply the BOMB, and I will use them on all my rifles from here on out.
As for the MIAD grip, I can see exactly what you are describing about the improper fit, and the needed modification/filing down of the rear grip plate to make it work. HOWEVER, I am certain from looking at your pics, that a "round" file that you recommend would NOT the proper shaped file to use here. Round files are not made to file OUTSIDE curvatures, such as on the MIAD rear grip panel. I get your point though, and understand exactly what you were getting at.


Anyhow, I am STILL trying to decide on how to mount my BFG VCAS. I purchased and received one of the BFG "RMFL-125" rail mount sling loops, which I linked to earlier in this thread. Basically just a metal "slot" that mounts to your rail, in order to run the webbing through, WITHOUT the use of any swivels, hooks/etc on the end of the sling. Nice and SIMPLE, QUIET, STRONG, and MAR/BLEMISH FREE for your weapon.
However, It's not my personal IDEAL solution, but it IS a solution to prevent metal-on-metal contact/wear on the rifle.
It just gives me an alternative to those ridiculous Mash/Hk hooks, BOTH of which don't work as I PERSONALLY think they should on a rifle.
You see, with Mash/Hk hooks, either the SCAR's sling eyelets need to be TURNED 90 degrees, OR the Mash/Hk hooks on the sling need to be turned 90 degrees in order to work the way I would like for them to on the gun.
I hate using a Mash/Hk hook on a sling, when the guns metal sling eyelets/loops are oriented perpendicular to the bbl, as see on the SCAR. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, you have probably wished for the same thing.


Now, for the rear, I have of course NO idea WHY FN would have put that HORIZONTAL slot in the stock like that?? I mean, IF that is indeed a sling slot attachment option, WHO in the world wants to run their sling in that manner, which does NOTHING but prematurely (and uncomfortably) wear out your sling, due to the slot being HORIZONTAL in the stock????
Now, IF they had put a VERTICAL SLOT, as on any typical M4 stock, THAT would have just totally made my day, but I guess we can't always have everything we want. (hell, I just want a realistically sound sling attachment point or two on my rifles).
Anyhow, I am now CONSIDERING trying out one (or two) of those BFG "UWL" pieces, which just might be the ticket for me on the REAR sling attachment. Might even use one on the FRONT of the SCAR too.
However, my only concern is CABLE WEAR?, especially with the UWL running through the SCAR's METAL sling eyelets/loops.
I realize they are COATED CABLES for this purpose, but HOW MUCH friction/wear and tear can they take when run through a sling eyelet/loop like on the SCAR?
Will the cables COATING hold up over time? I just don't know.


Also, mgpatty, I'm going to send you a PM/Email, but if you read this anytime soon, and maybe if this forum will actually send me email notification, could you tell me what exact model that Seekonk is I see you have now acquired?
I have seen they have MANY "T" handled models, both adjustable, AND "Pre-Set" models too.
I THINK I heard that the magic bbl-bolt orque value for the SCAR bbl bolts is like "62? inch-lbs"?? right? (It COULDN'T be "foot-lbs" could it?)
Anyhow, I'm betting it is INCH POUNDS, correct?

Let me know if you went with an ADJUSTABLE Seekonk, OR if you went with a PRESET model, already set to 62 perhaps?

Finally, email/PM inbound to you mgpatty, my SCAR brother!
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:roll: goodgod!!!! this topic is nauseating... why dont you sissies stop dressing and fondling your dollgun and go shoot it?
Uh, no one here owns a safe queen to my knowledge nitwit. I sure as hell can't afford to drop $3K just to stick a gun in the safe and let it sit. If your sissy ass stomach can't handle some SCAR info, and it makes your little tummy hurt, then log off the forum :cry:
He might have come off a bit strong but I think he's just showing the frustration I'm sure a lot of us are feeling on the fact that not a single accuracy/range review has been posted yet.

I mean come on, has no one shot this rifle yet? Where are the pictures of targets 100+ yards out showing us how well this rifle groups? Please? Anybody?
Ok spartanranger,
Thanks, and you're right. Let's not get yet another forum argument going over absolutely nothing.
It's all good, and no hard feelings fellas.
Gentlemen, I would like to sound off. As soon as I get my hands on my SCAR, I'm putting my Leupold Mark 4 1-3x14mm CQ/T on that tool, zero it at 100, shoot 1000 rounds through it, clean it up, and park it for a "rainy" day.

The gun is designed to meet mil std accuracy, and that doesn't mean 1/2 M.O.A. with handloads. I wouldn't be surprised if the gun shoots 2 M.O.A. with M855 on a great day with a 20X Leupold scope.

If you want sub M.O.A., bust out the bolt gun, match ammo, and rest the gun front and rear.

SgtStrykerUSMC43 said:
I wouldn't be surprised if the gun shoots 2 M.O.A. with M855 on a great day with a 20X Leupold scope.
I would be. The gun is supposed to shoot 1 MOA. Also, if people have been able to get sub MOA groups out of the FS2000, I would imagine the SCAR to be just as good due to a better trigger (at least IMO the AR style trigger is better).
Are these match rifles or battle rifles we're referring to? :)

It reminds be of a friend who once showed up at the range with a cleaning patch between the folded stock and the receiver on his Galil ARM 556. We never let him live that one down, to this day. :p

It's supposed to shoot sub M.O.A., BUT is that guaranteed by FNH USA? No, of course not. If the gun shoots 2 with 855 ball it wouldn't leave me perplexed. :?

I am a little disaponted also that there are so few range reports. I am just now putting a full court press on getting one.

I admit I have pretty much turned into a non-shooter because of a commitment to work. When I get one, I will post a range report and pictures. I may have to find someone that can hold the rifle for a decent accuracy report... :lol: :lol:

I am a little more than a bit out of practice.

I would like to SBR one with a silencer and PVS14.

I will be disipointed if it will not shoot 1 MOA with good ammunition. No sense having a rifle that will do less.

I know that the "Tactical" group that touts "accuracy" will be shocked by this,but guys, I do not intend on doing a group assault on a bulding with a mass of other people while moving and standing. No, I intend to fire from cover in a prone or supported position every time I have the chance - 1 moa is the minimum, with good ammuniton and a tuned in shooter that I would find acceptable.

But that is me.

Anyhow, I will try to snag one of the group that is to release in the next two weeks.

Keeping my finger crossed! Good luck and good shooting to everyone!
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Here is my reply I just posted over in the "Magpul and FN SCAR" thread in this same forum, regarding the MIAD grip fit on the SCAR.
I know you posted pics, but I have found the following to also be the case. Here was my reply I copied and posted:

Well I just got through trying to fit one of my MIAD's onto my SCAR and it doesn't fit.
It slides up to the SCARs lower, but the flat surface down inside of the MIAD grip is too high, and must be milled down shorter for the MIAD to work. You see, the MIAD cannot slide up close enough towards the receiver, without modification to the "flat" inside of the MIAD grip. (This "flat" is the flat that seats up against the pistol grip "lug" area that sticks off the receiver of an M4 or the SCAR).
Just for clarification, this would be the only modification necessary with the standard backplate.
IF you were to want to use the backplate with the "hump" at that fits in the webbing between your thumb and forefinger, additional mods to this backplate would also be necessary to match the contour of the SCARs lower receiver. (this is the "humped" back plate that you usually see guys using on their M4's)
SO, one must considerably modify their MIAD grip in order for it to work.
However, I'm betting Magpul will address this issue soon, if they haven't already, but as for now, the original MIAD grips that have been around so long do not fit onto the SCAR...
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nuttin' too special going to go on mine when it comes in...

Grippod (tan)
Blackhawk falcata 9v in a DD offset mount
tangodown rail covers
eotech 516.a65 with 3X.fts
mgpatty said:
Pics of some of the accessories for the Scar....

Nice stuff MGP. What size driver is that torque wrench, 1/4" or 3/8"? Thanks in advance.
That's a 1/4" drive Seekonk, and I honestly would recommend only going with the 1/4". There is NO reason to go with the 3/8", and the 1/4" hex torx bits are MUCH more common, and usually available locally at most hardware stores. Generally speaking, ALL 1/4" drive hex bits are much more common than 3/8" hex bits...
You'll be much happier with the 1/4".
Actually, I was reading back over some of mgpatty's posts last night, and I am THINKING he said that was a 3/8" drive, but as stated, I'd opt for the 1/4".
Actually, the combonation I use is a 3/8" drive Seekonk with a 3/8" T25 driver (socket that has the bit perm. attached to it from the factory). Paul, if I understand you correctly you plan on using a removable 1/4" T25 bit in conjunction with a 1/4" socket and 1/4" drive torque wrench. With mine, the T25 torx bit doesn't detach from the socket. I use only a wrench and a torx driver (socket/bit combo). I have many 1/4" T25 bits by themselves, but I could not find a T25 driver (socket with bit attached) in 1/4". I'm sure that somebody probably makes one, but I could not locate one. You could use a 1/4" drive Seekonk wrench in conjunction with standard 1/4" socket and a standard T25 bit, but that IMO wouldn't be as durable as just the wrench and socket/bit combo. Furthermore since this wrench is going to be used with the SCAR only, my primary decision between going with a 3/8" over a 1/4" was the fact that the 3/8" torx driver (socket/bit combo) was what I could locate. What benefit would you gain by using a smaller drive wrench, especially since it is only going to be used for one purpose only?
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TangoDown SCAR Rail Covers
AAC M4-1000 Phantom Flash Hider (thx MGP)

Aimpoint M4S with Bobro Mount

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Looking good :?
FNBlack said:
TangoDown SCAR Rail Covers
AAC M4-1000 Phantom Flash Hider (thx MGP)

Aimpoint M4S with Bobro Mount

Are these the 4" TD SCAR Panels on the sides and 6" on the bottom?
Wow, that brings back memories. In that pic, there are 4.125 on the sides and 6 on the bottom. However, right after that I located a 6.5 for the bottom. The 6.5 is something that you'd have to order direct from Tangodown (ask specifically for it and they will accommodate).

Have a good one!
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